ATOM ALIGNMENT with Noam Cohen of Binary Builders

Binary Builders is a leading group of builders in the Interchain ecosystem providing a range of services with the goal to help build the future of Web3. They serve as the primary maintainer of the Cosmos SDK. Binary Builders authored the Atom Alignment thesis posted to the Cosmos Hub Forum which focuses on AEZ Growth, financial alignment w/ consumer chains, and increasing decentralization of the Hub's voting power.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:20 What is Binary Builders?
00:08:54 Interchain Builders Program
00:11:28 Business development in Cosmos
00:16:52 Areas of research
00:21:51 Atom Alignment - 3 modules
00:26:02 Growing Atom & AEZ
00:30:15 KPI's to look for
00:33:41 Details of the treasury
00:39:02 Should all proposals go through governance?
00:45:54 Voting on Telegram - IBC Bot
00:48:01 Drip Module - How it works
00:51:32 Building on Cosmos SDK vs Cosmwasm
00:56:13 The Hub, AEZ & the future
01:00:11 Chain features & Atom as money
01:00:58 The Hub's most valuable attribute
01:02:26 Thoughts on Sunny's take?
01:07:56 Next steps with alignment treasury



Creators and Guests

Noam Cohen
Noam Cohen
Builders Program Lead, Binary Builders
ATOM ALIGNMENT with Noam Cohen of Binary Builders
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