CELESTIA LIQUID STAKING with Fabo & Jay B of Milky Way

MilkyWay is a liquid staking solution for the Celestia ecosystem, initially starting its deployment and operation on Osmosis. When individuals liquid stake their TIA coins through MilkyWay, they obtain an on-chain representation of their TIA staking position, termed as milkTIA. This allows Celestia token holders to access liquidity for their staked assets, facilitating trading or their utilization as collateral in different DeFi products.

00:06:27 - When did the protocol launch?
00:07:43 - Growth and support from the community
00:08:25 - Liquid staking
00:10:09 - What is liquid staking evolving into
00:12:25 - What is Milky Way?
00:14:38 - Where can people use their MilkTIA
00:17:23 - The design
00:26:13 - The agent and how it interacts with the multisig
00:31:59 - Fudding the multisig
00:34:22 - Purpose of the contract
00:38:23 - How the validators are chosen
00:47:56 - Milky Way's position in the liquid staking space
00:51:54 - Endgame for Milky Way in the Celestia ecosystem
00:55:38 - The roadmap

Milky Way
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CELESTIA LIQUID STAKING with Fabo & Jay B of Milky Way
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