FAIR TOKEN LAUNCHES with Simon Chadwick of Eclipse

Eclipse Fi is a revolutionary hub for interchain token launches, bringing the value back into the hands of early communities. Eclipse Mainnet, launching in Q1 2024, is the fastest Ethereum L2, powered by the SVM. With an architecture that combines the best pieces of the modular stack, developers get all the benefits of dedicated throughput with none of the downsides. Eclipse makes it possible to build applications that can coordinate masses of people and scale with any developer’s needs.

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:06:46 - Terra's Collapse
00:10:27 - the next cycle of token launches
00:20:23 - Centralised vs Decentralised platforms
00:22:49 - Implementing KYC & compliance for projects
00:27:15 - The vision for eclipse
00:31:32 - Benefits of launching projects on Eclipse
00:35:16 - Supported launch mechanisms
00:37:47 - Reputation on the user side
00:41:07 - CIBIL
00:43:11 - How zkKYC works
00:47:17 - Liquidity hub
00:54:20 - Why Eclipse was built on Neutron
00:57:29 - Roadmap for Eclipse Fi

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FAIR TOKEN LAUNCHES with Simon Chadwick of Eclipse
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