Bitcoin is Making a Comeback with Matt Ye of Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a Cosmos chain that leverages BTC shared security and enables liquid staking. In this conversation, Seb and Matt discuss the resurgence of interest in Bitcoin, particularly in the context of DeFi. They also explore the concept of liquid staking for Bitcoin and how it differs from liquid staking in proof-of-stake chains. Matt explains the architecture of Lorenzo, a Bitcoin liquid staking protocol built on the Cosmos chain, and how it leverages Babylon. They also touch on the different approaches to Bitcoin L2s and the importance of liquid staking to the success of the Bitcoin L2 ecosystem.
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00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:01 The Bitcoin Renaissance
00:05:13 Technical Improvements Enabling Bitcoin L2s & OP_CAT
00:12:51 Different Approaches to Bitcoin L2s
00:17:58 Could Bitcoin Become a POS Chain?
00:23:00 What is Lorenzo
00:28:29 The Dual Token Model & Yield Sources
00:30:36 Lorenzo Architecture
00:49:14 BTC-Fi
00:57:17 Current Status of Lorenzo

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Bitcoin is Making a Comeback with Matt Ye of Lorenzo
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