SLINKY ORACLE with Maghnus Mareneck of Skip

Skip Protocol helps sovereign blockchain protocols supercharge their blockspace to improve user experience, enhance interoperability, and enrich network stakeholders. The protocol has recently unveiled Slinky, an “Oracle” aggregator designed for perpetual markets and DeFi as a whole.

00:02:10 - Major Developments at Skip
00:04:40 - The slinky announcement
00:14:15 - Use cases for Slinky
00:21:10 - The architecture and how validators are coordinating
00:25:11 - Levana Attack in relation to the architecture
00:27:14 - Pricing and Slashing
00:35:18 - Is there a compromise?
00:38:16 - What vulnerabilities and attacks can Slinky prevent
00:45:15 - The opportunity cost of using Skip
00:48:36 - How it fits in the modular stack
00:53:51 - Slinky:The Rolls Royce of Oracles
00:59:18 - Slinky's origin and potential customers
01:03:02 - Conclusion

GitHub - Skip-mev
How Slinky can prevent Oracle Manipulation Attacks
Slinky: Twitter Announcement

Maghnus on Twitter
Skip's Website

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Maghnus Mareneck
Maghnus Mareneck
co-founder @SkipProtocol | prev @bridgewater @atlassian @penn alt: @bpiv400 Tweets do not represent Skip
SLINKY ORACLE with Maghnus Mareneck of Skip
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