Rebooting the Metaverse with Lex Avellino of Passage

Passage improves virtual experiences and collaboration, making them more organic and immersive and better reflecting the way we interact in real life. For creators, Passage is a platform that enables nearly unlimited creative freedom thanks to its use of the Unreal Engine. This allows creators to build unique experiences for their communities. How does this relate to crypto? The $PASG token is the economic foundation for a new creator economy where community members own their identity and digital assets.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:17:09 Is the Metaverse Dead?
00:22:06 What is Passage
00:31:10 How to Use Passage
00:35:39 Crypto-Enabled Communities
00:41:29 Cosmos SDK Architecture
00:44:21 Akash Partnership
00:53:59 Passage Elite
00:57:38 Roadmap

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Rebooting the Metaverse with Lex Avellino of Passage
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