The Future of DAO Governance with Nicolas Biagosch of Q Protocol

Q protocol is a decentralized governance layer for Web3 that allows developers to build organizational constitutions that are enforced by smart contracts and include off-chain avenues for resolving disputes the code can't deal with. Built as a fully EVM-compatible Layer 1 for maximum security, the protocol is live with a full set of infra and applications supporting the ecosystem. It prevents governance exploits and reduces legal and regulatory risks associated with centralized decision making.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:52 Governance by code
00:10:44 Practical cases where DAO governance has failed
00:19:30 What is Q and how does it make a difference
00:22:58 Beyond Code is law
00:27:15 The Q Consititution
00:34:41 Stakeholders in the Q blockchain
00:37:21 The role of the token holders
00:40:57 Difference between validators and root nodes
00:45:29 Expert panels and their roles
00:47:58 Q Token holders' competence to vote
00:49:52 The practical steps in this mechanism
00:55:25 Do you need to build your DAO on Q
00:57:16 Integration with Q
00:59:53 Network stakes
01:02:38 The worrying US tax system
01:05:20 Discussion on decentralised AI
01:08:02 DeFi is going nowhere
01:12:47 Learn more about Q

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The Future of DAO Governance with Nicolas Biagosch of Q Protocol
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