ZK Proof Aggregation with Garvit Goel of Electron Labs

Electron Labs aggregates zero-knowledge proofs across protocols into a single superproof, which is then verified on Ethereum. Thanks to the use of recursive ZK proofs, this collective approach lowers verification costs to less than 1% of current rates. This is a huge unlock for applications leveraging ZK: Privacy, micro rollups, DA bridges, IBC, and more.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:56 Cost of ZK proof verification
00:07:10 ZK proofs & Rollups
00:14:36 ZK light client
00:16:52 Superproofs
00:22:28 Electron trust assumptions
00:24:14 Electron's Architecture
00:31:27 Challenges
00:34:38 Electron SDK
00:44:00 Interoperability and IBC
00:48:43 Union & Polymer approach
00:52:55 ZK Proof endgame
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ZK Proof Aggregation with Garvit Goel of Electron Labs
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